Community Connect


Although Deal and the surrounding areas are generally considered to be reasonably affluent, below the surface there are numerous people affected by life-controlling issues.


Community Connect helps disadvantaged and marginalised individuals, particularly men and women who are dealing with drug and alcohol addictions, mental health problems and other circumstances that cause them to be on the margins of society. 


During the COVID 19 Pandemic we have not been able to run our Cafe Connect drop in centre, but we are still helping those who need our support. Please contact us via the options shown below if you or someone you know is requiring our assistance.











We are now also live with our Embrace ministry initiative, aimed at supporting those within our community and our church family when they have practical and physical needs. For example, if someone needs to be visited in hospital, helped in practical ways when they are discharged, need fellowship or where someone needs some other time-specific assistance.

In order to refer someone for support, the first step is to send an email request to the Embrace mailbox, which is


Each support request will be processed and in the initial phase, whilst the current COVID restrictions apply, a telephone assessment will be made on what support is appropriate and how that will be provided. Once COVID restrictions lift, face to face assessment will be carried out.


We envisage that referrals will most often come via small group leaders as they become aware of needs the small group cannot cover. However, anyone can send a support request to the Embrace team when they become aware of someone in need. We will not be able to provide practical support on every occasion, as the specific need may require specialist help. However, if we cannot help, we will signpost services and individuals who can come alongside people to address their particular need.


We believe that Embrace is going to not only be a demonstration of the love of Jesus to our community, but it will also be the means by which we are able to lead people into the Kingdom. We still need volunteers to work within this ministry and we still need people to pray for it. Please engage with us as we press into this vital ministry.

















Linking with our partners across the country, if we aren't able to help with particular issues locally, we can signpost our service users to the support they need. To date, we have had significant success in helping with housing, rehabilitation, mental health and other complex issues individuals were facing on their own.


For more information contact Jes on or tel 07951 871442











We take safeguarding and data protection very seriously, please contact the church office on 01304 375297 for copies of our safeguarding and data protection policies  or to advise  of any concerns